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- First Acupuncture Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment: £75 (1-2hours)

- Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment: £50 (approx 45-60 minutes)

- Vibrational Acupuncture with Tuning forks plus (time varies): £75 for first session. £50 for subsequent sessions.

- Reiki (45-60 minutes): £40

-The Emotion Code

Can be done subconsciously, so no need to attend the treatment room.  1x session £35, x4 weekly sessions over a month (£80).

Treatment times are approximate and extra time will be taken between appointments for cleaning due to Covid-19.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation, otherwise a charge will be required.

Patients arriving late may have to forfeit their treatment or not receive the full set time.

Bank transfers, Cash or Card payments can be taken.

Fees: About
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